Residential Photovoltaic systems 3ΚW with the Method of NET-METERING


The kWh clearing system Net-Metering enables anyone who has an owned permanent residence, to install a photovoltaic system with capacity 3kw, and to ensure significant savings in power consumption, since it is estimated that the system can produce about 5000 kWh per year. The way Net-Metering works is simple and is based on the idea that the photovoltaic system is connected directly to the grid of EAC.

More specifically

1. A photovoltaic system with capacity 3 kW (12 polycrystalline PV frames or 20 thin film PV frames) is installed on the roof of the house.

2. The EAC installs a new meter, which measures both production of the PV system and also the consumption of the house.  While the solar panels produce, the energy is given to the house for consumption.

3. If the consumption is greater than production then the house will use energy from the grid. The kilowatthours will be charged unless there are already credited kilowtthours from previous months.

4. If production is greater than consumption, the extra kilowatthours are credited for the next two months and at the end of the year, a clearing is performed and if there is still excess of kilowatthours, then they are lost.


An additional motive is that a photovoltaic system is fully harmonized with nature and very friendly to the environment so, as a result, it helps to reduce the environmental problems caused by conventional energy sources. However, apart from its contribution in upgrading your home, and thus our country, in terms of energy, the installation of a photovoltaic system with the method of Net-Metering can offer significant cost savings on your electricity bill. A system of total power 3KW can produce at least 5000 kWh per year, resulting in cost savings of approximately 1250 Euros per year from the electricity bill. The table below can demonstrate the expected savings:

Μonth Photovoltaic production kWh/month Cost savings from the photovoltaic production Cost savings per two months EAC House bill before the photovoltaics Reduced EAC House account after the photovoltaics
Jan. 353 kWh 99 € 185 € 280 € 95 €
Feb. 307 kWh 86 €
Mar. 400 kWh 112 € 241 € 270 € 29 €
Apr. 461 kWh 129 €
May 459 kWh 129 € 258 € 250 € 0 € (-8€)
June 464 kWh 130 €
July 473 kWh 132 € 262 € 400 € 130 € (=138-8€)
Aug. 462 kWh 129 €
Sept. 508 kWh 142 € 270 € 300 € 30 €
Oct. 457 kWh 128 €
Νov. 376 kWh 105 € 186 € 400 € 214 €
Dec. 290 kWh 81 €
Total 5010 kWh 1.403 € 1.403 € 1.900 € 498 €
Average 418 kWh 117 € 234 € 317 € 83 €

In January – February, the house consumed 1000 kWh which correspond to a bill of €280.

  • During the same period, the photovoltaiv system of 3kw produced about 660 kilowatts.
  • The Owner will pay for 340 (1000-660) kWh with 95 € and will have cost savings of 185 €


  • The whole installation of the 3kw costs around € 5000, final price + 250€ for the EAC for the meter.
  • The system saves the owner about € 1250 per year for the life of the photovoltaic frames that is 20-25 years.
  • The actual cost savings are well above since the usual tariff of EAC is tiered, i.e., the first 120kwh are charged at a lower price than those following.
  • Depreciation occurs in approximately 4 years and, in 20 years, the customer has total savings of 22000€, with current power prices!
  • A great advantage of the Net-Metering project is that it has only to do with kWh. This means that an individual is NOT dependent on whether the state has money, when he will get paid and it is unaffected to any future taxation.


On roofs of legally existing housing units or on the ground within the block in which the unit / building exists. In the cases where the owners of housings units are more than one, then all owners must responsibly state that they agree with the accomplishment of the specific installation.


If you choose a system with polycrystalline 250W frames, in order to make the installation of 3KW, 12 photovoltaic frames are needed, of dimensions 1,67m X 1m

  • On a sloping roof (tiles) facing south: 20m2 are needed
  • Flat roof (terrace): 30m2 are needed

If you choose a system with thin film 150W frames, in order  to make the installation of 3KW, 20 photovoltaic frames are needed, of dimensions 1,65m X 0,65m

  • On a sloping roof (tiles) facing south: 22m2 are needed
  • Flat roof (terrace): 32m2 are needed




TO EAC (NON GRANT RECIPIENTS) The right to submit applications to EAC for photovoltaic system installation purposes with the method of NET-METERING have all the owners of a house which is interconnected with the network of EAC. NET- METERING can only be applied to the permanent residence of a civilian that has been legally built based on the regulations sent by the Department of Town Planning and Housing. Required Documents pdf Useful guide Net- Metering pdf Sample Agreement Net- Metering pdf APPLICATION FOR EAC pdf NET METERING (CERA) 04_07_2013 authorization pdf NET METERING (CERA) 04_07_2013 certificate of use for a residential unit pdf TO THE ENERGY INSTITUTE (GRANT RECIPIENTS) A new plan to provide sponsorship to vulnerable social groups has not been announced yet.


GESOLAR CYPRUS LTD, by responsibly choosing products and using specially enhanced materials, offers long-term guarantees from their partners-manufacturers to feel safe on their energy investment. Depending on the system you choose, you are given written guarantees of the photovoltaic frames that include a 10-12 years product warranty and a performance warranty for up to 25 years and for the voltage inverters, a 5-25 years product warranty is given. Ask our staff to advise you in detail on the warranties of our products.


In the case of a loan, € 6.000 with 7% interest for five years, then the owner gives an installment that is as much as his saving, about 120€ per month. In other words, he pays his electricity bill as much as he pays it today and after five years, he will save 1400 € per year for 15 years: Total cost savings for 20 years 21.000 €.