Voltage inverter B & B POWER

B & B Power series from Solar Family provides voltage inverters that have been awarded worldwide and have been patented. They are adaptable, thus providing more options in photovoltaic systems.

The voltage inverter series from Solar Family has proven to be excellent for its technical features, such as leading edge efficiency, high performance, modern looks and long-term guarantee.

Features: It holds a world patent, maximum efficiency 97.8%, MPPT inputs for a wide range of trends, compact design, multi-language display, simple settings.

Flexibility: indoor or outdoor use (IP65), easy installation, sound control, Bluetooth technology, maintenance-free

Reliability Automatic protection from high and low voltage, islanding, short circuit, five years free warranty which can optionally be extended to 20 years.

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PLATINUM- DIEHL® inverter series

High-performance, analytical data information, and easy to use alongside high quality, PLATINUM® inverters offer all that is necessary in the world of photovoltaic systems. With their performance reaching 98.4%, they are ranked among the most efficient inverters worldwide.


The high-performance, three-phase voltage inverters without a transformer, R3 is a logical extension of the range of products by PLATINUM®: they are smaller, more compact, with less weight and more efficient. Thanks to DUAL-X technology ®, efficiency of about 98.4% efficiency is achieved, and thus an excellent production is provided. Factors that contribute to this high performance include the cooling system that is based on convective heat transfer and on the excellent MPP Tracking, while the weight and the automatic programming of multiple units via PLATINUM® network EIA 485 help in making the installation much easier. All the basic elements of Service can be easily read by the graphics screen – even at night. The PLATINUM® R3 series contains five models from 7kW up to 16kW.

PLATINUM® TL Single-phase

High performance without compromise: rates of return up to 98%

The increased efficiency, especially in the series with the lowest output power, that results from the combination of SiC semiconductors and the innovative DIVE ® technology is the key factor contributing to the maximum efficiency of 98%. The way that it has been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the IP 66 protection class, the TL series is highly suitable for outdoor installation. A key advantage is the ease with which these units can be connected via the PLATINUM ® EIA 485 network. Thanks to the automatic programming of the system, all the device settings are transmitted to all the connected inverters. All the operating data can be easily read via the graphics screen – even at night. The TL, covers seven single-phase models ranging of from 3.8 to 7,2 kW.

PLATINUM® TL Three-phase

Very similar to the single-phase TL inverter, it impresses with the same maximum efficiency of 98%. This is largely due to the increased efficiency particularly in the lower part of the operating range using SiC semiconductors in combination with the innovative DIVE ® technology. The TL series is designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the IP 65 protection class and, therefore, it is suitable for outdoor applications. A key advantage to users is the ease with which the system can be set in operation via the PLATINUM ® EIA 485 system: the settings that are programmed in an inverter are transmitted to all the devices in the network. All key operating data can be read via the graphics screen – even at night. The range includes five models of three-phase ranging between 13 and 22 kW.



The SolarEdge solution overcomes all energy losses by providing up to 25% more energy. SolarEdge overcomes the disadvantages of other systems with traditional type inverters at comparable prices since it is able

  • To maximize the generated energy
  • To increase production: 2-10% for a photovoltaic park on land, 2-25% for residential installation
  • To monitor the unit online in real time and at the photovoltaic frame level
  • To reduce the maintenance costs

Other advantages are:

  • Αbility to design the installation without restrictions
  • Optimal use of the site at a reduced cost
  • Automatic unit shutdown
  • Unique protection against electric shock and fire
  • It is installed by unit manufacturers or is connected by installers within thin-film
  • Communication equipment is installed
  • Automatic, accurate debugging

With the integrated communication equipment

  • The errors are indicated on a map of the installation
  • There is no extra wiring
  • There is a portal and iPhone applications

The result:

  • Diagnostic checks from a distance
  • Reduce of the procedure and maintenance cost
  • Increased availability and system production
  • Inverters specially designed for power optimization
  • Datasheet SolarEdge

Click here to download and read the informative Datasheet for SolarEdge Click here to download and read the informative Datasheet for Optimizers SolarEdgeand read here the information about Optimizers Datasheet SolarEdge



The Dutch expertise Mastervolt Soladin 3000 inverter makes solar energy affordable to everyone. This inverter ensures high performance in small photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the integrated telemetry system via WIFI and to the Intelliweb, the operation of your photovoltaic system can be monitored in a simple and clear way from your home, your cottage or during your holiday. The inverter has the highest efficiency in high sunshine conditions and, at the same time, it has excellent performance in shading and cloudiness conditions. The innovations contained in the inverter guarantee high performance in all conditions. Lastly, with the 10-year product warranty given by the manufacturer, you can feel secure about your choice. Some of its features are: IntelliWeb: Online telemetry via WIFI. You can monitor the operation and production of your photovoltaic system via the telemetry system of your inverter. Mastervolt Soladin 3000 inverter can connect to the WIFI network of your home, allowing you to connect to the IntelliWeb Mastervolt page from the computer, your tablet or mobile and check the energy production of your system. IntelliStart: The inverter detects the available energy from the photovoltaics and changes accordingly the required voltage starting. This allows a start early in the morning and a switch off later in the afternoon. IntelliCool: 100% of production at high temperatures. The decrease in the production (for protection from overheating) does not begin until the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius. IntelliTrack: Enables faster and more accurate detection of MPP in the conditions of frequent changes (scattered clouds, etc.). IntelliPeak: The inverter is more efficient in conditions of high radiation.

Soladin supreme benefits & specifications SunMaster ES series supreme benefits & specifications

Schneider Electric

Scneider Electrics

The new series from Schneider Electric for photovoltaic residential systems. Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, presented the complete range of products for photovoltaic systems in residential or small commercial installations. With these new products, Schneider Electric emphasizes once again its commitment for more “green” energy. “At Schneider Electric, in order to better support our customers in the field of solar energy, even in a period of great turbulence, we accelerate our investments in order to bring to the market the best products in each category,” said Mr. Laurent Bataille, Senior Vice President, Solar Business of Schneider Electric. New solutions for Photovoltaic systems in houses Conext RL inverter – Conext RL is a flexible and efficient single-phase inverter for residential photovoltaics, which has no transformer and comes in 3, 4 and 5 kW power. Conext RL has a rate of return (peak conversion efficiency) 97,5%, one of the highest in the market, and it is specifically designed to maximize the production of electricity from panels installed on roofs or terraces of different types. Τhe experience of a trustworthy  supplier Schneider Electric provides solutions of a guaranteed performance for photovoltaic systems of any type and size. Thanks to the support of a global organization with a presence in over 100 countries and 175 years of experience, but also thanks to the superior quality, it is able to offer its customers around the world, high performance voltage inverters. Schneider Electric’s Conext RL inverters are specially designed to provide maximum production from photovoltaic systems on residential roofs. The upgraded MPPT features, the high performance, the partial shading algorithm technology and the wide range of temperatures and operating voltage, ensure rapid return of the investment (ROI). With the confidence provided by Schneider Electric with the global coverage of services and its expertise in energy management, the Conext RL seriers is the inverters that you can trust for quality and reliability.

Benefits Guaranteed reliability

  • Guarantee by a trusted partner with 175 years experience
  • World leader in industrial products, UPS and distribution of electricity
  • High level of service worldwide for your support

Highest ROI

  • Top conversion efficiency in its class:> 97.5% peak efficiency
  • Wide range of operating for extending the solar day to produce energy even in the very early and afternoon hours
  • MPPT detection algorithm technology that minimizes the impact of partial shading on the energy produced

Reliable design

  • Degree of protection IP65, fully sealed unit to withstand the toughest environmental conditions
  • Tested and certified in the most difficult environmental conditions (MEOST tests)


  • Ability to install on different roof orientations

Ease of maintenance

  • Non moving parts (e.g. fans) for reduced maintenance need and shutdown
  • Easy replacement of the communication card
  • Compact size that makes it easy to use and install
  • Easy installation with integrated support system

Schneider – datasheet

Bosch Power Tec


The BPT-S series single-phase string inverters not only look very smart, but are also a high-performance and communications miracle. Newly developed communications interfaces allow rapid commissioning and simplified remote analysis. They also provide you with a transparent overview of all data at any time.

The single-phase string inverters in the BPT-S series set completely new standards in terms of ease of use and analysis opportunities. This is because, in addition to one or two Ethernet interfaces, these string inverters have a trendsetting RFID communications interface. Using these and the credit card-sized e.Key, even the uninitiated can successfully achieve touchless settings in seconds.

The touchless sensor used to navigate through the menu easily using gesture controls represents another world first in the area of string inverters. A multitude of other extras make the BPT-S series string inverters the perfect choice for your photovoltaic system.


– Simplified initial operation and touchless control via gesture sensor and/ or RFID by the e.Key

– Remote diagnosis in the event of malfunctions

– Integrated data logger

– Maintenance-free cooling concept

– Optimal efficiency thanks to transformerless topology

– Innovative, high-quality and elegant housing


The single-phase string inverters of the BPT-S series set new standards in terms of ease of use and analysis opportunities. New communications interfaces allow a fast and fault-free initial operation and simplified remote analysis.

Initial operation with the e.Key

Thanks to touchless RFID technology, the installer is able to set the valid country parameters in seconds during the initial operation of a Bosch inverter. The e.Key, just the size of a credit card, is held up to the marked field in order to transfer the data. This rules out any faults in the settings.

High flexibility and more safety

The wide entry voltage range of 170 V to 750 V ensures the highest flexibility in the planning of the PV generator. Additionally, the number of MPP trackers is optimally set to the performance of the solar modules. Together with the new MPP procedure, this secures the highest yields. The innovative and intelligent service switch ensures additional operational safety. If there is a fault during operation, the service switch automatically disconnects the PV generator from the inverter.

Integrated data logger

The integrated data logger function records all data and makes it available in graphical form in the e.Web monitoring portal. Additionally, a visualisation is possible on smartphones with the e.UserApp. Along with the display of performance data, individual parameters are also available via the internet. The equally integrated set-up tool e.Data helps to avoid service calls or to more precisely plan them in advance.

Improved cooling concept

The new maintenance-free cooling concept PowerCool optimises the heat distribution of the inverter. The innovative cooling and the use of components according to the highest Bosch quality standards can lead to a maximum life cycle of the inverter of up to 20 years. Theft protection is integrated into an easy to use installation of the inverters. Completed by the Bosch service concept, the continuously seamless operation of the photovoltaics system is guaranteed.