RISENRisen has grown into a leading manufacturer of world-class and excellent quality photovoltaic modules. As a result, the frames produced are distinguished by high performances.

In 2011, Risen began operating internationally with the opening of offices in Germany and Hong Kong in order to offer competitively priced products to its customers. At the end of 2011, an increase in production that reached 600MW was observed, with a total of 3200 employees in four wholly owned factories in the city of Ninghai, east of China.

Some of the advantages of Risen’s frames are

  1. Positive Power Tolerance (0% / + 3%)
  2. 12-year product warranty and 90% performance of the nominal power for 12 years, 82% of the nominal power for the remaining 13 years
  3. Made in China according to German standards in one of the largest solar cell manufacturing plants
  4. Low temperature coefficient of -0.39% / ° C
  5. Certifications UL, TUV and MCS
  6. Installation in horizontal or vertical arrangement
  7. Light weight: 19.5Kg
  8. Excellent performance during low solar radiation
  9. Dimensions: 992mm x 1640mm x 40 mm
  10. Resistance to salt and ammonia, making it suitable for use in coastal units or units near farms



The Austrian photovoltaic frames by KIOTO are offered with a twelve-year product warranty, the duration of which is ten years longer than the one that is required by the law. For their performance, we even provide a warranty spanning a quarter of a century: Even after 25 years, our customers can rest assured that those frames still provide at least 80% of their original performance.

The 250W polycrystalline photovoltaic frames by KIOTO frames have the following characteristics:

  1. Polycrystalline technology
  2. Exclusively of an Austrian construction according to the required European standards and certifications in accordance with international standards
  3. Suitable for use in coastal and rural areas
  4. Light weight: 19.5Kg
  5. Installation in horizontal or vertical arrangement
  6. Only positive power tolerance (0% / + 3%)
  7. 12-year product warranty
  8. Performance warrantee: 90% of nominal power for 12 years, 80% of nominal power for 25 years
  9. Dimensions: 992mm x 1666mm x 40 mm (+/- 2mm)
  10. Aluminum perimeter frame





SolarWorld AG has developed in just a few years from a trading company to a solar company with integrated solar value chain process – from raw materials to the solar wafer, the solar cell, the solar module right up to ready, high-quality solar power plants.

Today, the company profits from the fact that it was early to set up the entire solar value chain: It has modern factories at all production levels to serve the solar market comprehensively. In addition, the company controls the development of solar power technology at all levels under its own roof.

The company employs about 3,400 people worldwide.


SolarWorld AG is one of the largest solar companies in the world and has locations in all of the key target markets. This reduces transport distances and allows for cost-optimized production processes. Uniform quality standards and high-tech manufacturing are essential for meeting the challenge of global competition. This strategy forms the basis for expansion into new markets.


The production facility in the university town of Freiberg, Germany (Saxony) has a long history with semiconductor technology. All of the production steps starting with silicon through to the final module are based here right next to the group’s own research and development enterprise, SolarWorld Innovations. Connections with the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg and with Dresden, which is a major player in the semiconductor industry, create an innovative climate with a large pool of specialists and expertise.

The production site in Arnstadt, Thuringia became part of the SolarWorld group in March 2014. The green heart of Germany is home to one of the most modern production sites for solar cells and solar modules in Europe. In addition to the cell and module production, the site includes state-of-the-art research and development facilities with which the next generation of solar cells are being developed.


SolarWorld has longstanding experience in the U.S. market and has been manufacturing solar modules there already since 1977. In 2014 all sales and production activities were grouped together at theHillsboro site in Oregon. At this site SolarWorld is operating the United States’ first integrated solar production for monocrystalline high-efficiency solar products.



The latest generation of Sunmodule Plus impresses with its numerous innovations. Yields and performance have been improved, and installation and use are more flexible. It even features a more attractive design.

SOLARWORLD poly_250-260_en