Fixed mounting system

The bases of fixed mounting for single array photovoltaic frame systems are able to be applied to a photovoltaic park on the ground and/or on flat roofs of buildings. There are detailed plans of the facilities of all types and components of a standard fixed mounting system for the construction of a single array panel at 25 ° to 30 °. They have the ability to accordingly adapt to the height, for the perfect alignment of the panels on uneven ground or on sloping roof surfaces.

On inclined roof

On a flat roof

On the ground with ramming posts

The support system that uses rammed posts is an installation method used directly in the ground. The advantage of this method is that no special foundation is required, thereby the overall cost and time is reduced up to 50%. Also, this method allows the application of the bases on a ground with particular morphological characteristics. The system has the capability to manually adjust the inclination from 10 to 45 degrees, depending on the season. The setting is easily done by the owner and can provide a significant increase in production.

On the ground with ramming posts