GESOLAR CYPRUS LTD works with specialists with extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic systems and who can offer comprehensive studies that meet your actual energy needs.

    Specifically, Electrical studies, Techno-economic studies and certificates from a Civil Engineer are provided, all needed when submitting applications for photovoltaic systems.

    Finally, the design of the systems and the positioning of the frames are executed by competent people, after in-situ measurements and certainly after getting on with each customer.


    GESOLAR CYPRUS LTD fully undertakes the process of submitting applications to the competent authorities, either these concern connected photovoltaic systems, such as Net-Metering 3KWp and self production systems or they concern higher power projects, such as photovoltaic parks or systems on industrial rooftops.


    The skilled technicians-installers that belong to our company’s staff, can install with accuracy and speed the photovoltaic system you have chosen. The primary goal of our company’s technicians is the functional, efficient and safe installation of each system, regardless of its power.


    After the completion of each project, GESOLAR CYPRUS LTD provides each customer the ability to monitor the system’s performance, through a range of specialized monitoring systems. The monitoring of the performance of each photovoltaic system, although not necessary, it is very important because it provides the opportunity to identify and immediately repair any losses causes by any damage or malfunction of some or all of the photovoltaic system.


    Although the photovoltaic systems offered by our company are accompanied by long-term construction quality and performance guarantees and do not require regular maintenance, GESOLAR CYPRUS LTD offers to any interested customers, technical support of any kind after the sale and maintenance of systems installed.

    Moreover, we provide consultancy services for the cleaning of your photovoltaic system, while we have a team of technicians for the cleaning and maintenance of household systems or solar parks.